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Our story is one of two sisters driven to produce the ultimate Gin, inspired by their love of Italy and Fizz, they set out to make a Gin which encapsulated their passion.

Our story

Our Gin adventure started last year, one sunny afternoon in August...

While enjoying a drink together in the garden we came back to a regular discussion we found ourselves having… this gin is nice but just not quite what we are looking for… so after years of wanting to create our own flavour, we finally started the journey to create the ultimate Gin. The fundamental plan for us was to make a gin which captured Italy in a glass and could be mixed with our favourite other tipple – Fizz!!

We knew how we wanted the gin to taste so all we had to do was experiment with the flavours and eventually the right balance of ingredients was achieved and Due Sorelle Signature was born. This is the Gin of two sisters, shared with many friends, family and now you! We hope you enjoy Due sorelle as much as we do.

Our story

Everything else, as they say, is history and it is fantastic to now share their creation, Due Sorelle Signature. But at the heart of this is their desire to share Due Sorelle with everyone, as they say in their own words:

“The most important part of Due Sorelle is you – our customers- we are so excited to be able to share our beautiful Gin with you and for it to become part of “Your Story”.

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Due Sorelle
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A sophisticated smooth Gin...made with love.